Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sex for life

Am I the only person who finds sex to be a physically nessecary activity? I constantly hear people saying they want to have sex, they would like to have sex etc. No, I NEED to have sex.

Give me 3 days without sex and I start to get frustrated. I stutter, get clumsy, begin to feel like I need a bottle of xanax just to get through each day. I get annoyed easy and those who have come to know me even recognize it. Its become somewhat of a running joke around my crowd that when I trip over my words as well as small rocks or bottle caps on the ground that I must not have had sex lately.

I guess its a little funny, except when you imagine that most experts predict a woman is at her sexual peak at around 35.

Dear lord... its going to get worse?


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

what a freak!!!! you need sex ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiieeeeeeeeee you better see a shrink!!!!

nahhh i'm playin!!! I am with ya on this topic. Thank god for my hand though!! Sex isn't available to me every hour of a 24 period. My hand is my pitch vagina!!!!!
Kinda like a pitch hitter, but more useful to me!!!!

Gama said...

Yeah what BM said... All they way hehehe!!!

michaelnicholas said...

is this all you americans think aboot... the guys think masterbation, the girls think sex? man what a weird country!

Jay said...


I am so unfortunate to live thousands miles away from you. I wish if I could be your neighbor next door.

I just wonder, why cant all the women in this world be as OPEN as you.. life would be so much interesting to me and my species. *lmao*

BTW, can I have your house address? :)

Azathoth said...

Ah My little Joy. I SO understand. Funny thing is I have several female friendsa who tell me hoe thier significant others start losing thier sex drive around 30 (is that normal for men?) but here I am still with the sex drive of an 18 year old. Unfortunatly I have no one with who to practice, (when I was last with the Demon we went at it ever night we were together for about 2-4 hours each time, YEA CRAZY MONKEY SEX!). I hope you find a outlet soon sweetie, hell I hope we all do.

Oh and BM, at leats you you have the Hottie at home, Babushka doesn't believe in sex before marrage, and we both know we ain't getting married. I still remember you walking around shirtless at the old apartment with those scratches down your back, all red and sore looking. Lucky Bastard.

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Yes I am!

themadamefiles said...

Sweetie - I just turned 37 and I am insaitable!!! The young ones are where it's at!!! God... I have heard that the 40's are even better than the 30's!! God help us, no, God help the men who we are going to send into premature cardiac arrest before we are through with them!!!


Bookend said...

I can't wait to feel insatiable...That will be so much fun...

Julie said...

Have you seen that episode of Seinfield where elaine hasn't had sex and her mind turns to mush?
It's hilarious! And george goes w/out sex and he becomes a genius.

themadamefiles said...

Joy!? Where are you!? You've dissapeared again! :-(

Gama said...

Joy is having too much sex still hehehe!

TheConfessional said...

It only gets better! :)

Azathoth said...

Hello? Joy? Are you there?

Anonymous said...


We know you need sex *lmao* but we need you to be here with us too.

Sex and friends have to be balanced.

Where are you?

Jay said...

Eh.. how come i could be anonymous?

Rex Venom said...

Sex. Good.
Rock on!

Joy said...

Sorry for my afkage again :( no connection sucks!!!

BM- Yeah Im a freak, you are a freak, we connected on that freakish level so long ago and Im still insanely glad we did!

Gama- teehee! I agree!
(this rhymed!)(shit did I spell that right??)

Michael- Yes, it is. Havent you noticed that sex even sells Car Wax and Toilet paper here in the states?

Jay- Sure you can!

Az- Again, we bonded on this same level of freakiness long ago. Long live the freaks! We are the funnest type O peepZ!

MadameX- Oh god... It does get worse, daily. If I had to put a number on it, I would say I think about sex at least 20 times, per hour. Alcohol would rush it to +20 so at least 40 per hour when slammin drinkz! dear lord

Bookend- You are already! But yeah, Im damned well enjoying it myself!

Julie- Haha! Yea, Ive seen that episode, thats scary and a bit intensified but its basically how I get too! Unacceptable!!

TheConfessional- Oh damn!

Anon friend- I know who you are!! I miss you guys bad!!! I need to give you a number to call me at sometime :( No phone where I am a lot of the time now.

Rex- Sex. Good. Cro-mag. Sexy.
Ug ug
You pull hair.
I smash head.