Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sex for life

Am I the only person who finds sex to be a physically nessecary activity? I constantly hear people saying they want to have sex, they would like to have sex etc. No, I NEED to have sex.

Give me 3 days without sex and I start to get frustrated. I stutter, get clumsy, begin to feel like I need a bottle of xanax just to get through each day. I get annoyed easy and those who have come to know me even recognize it. Its become somewhat of a running joke around my crowd that when I trip over my words as well as small rocks or bottle caps on the ground that I must not have had sex lately.

I guess its a little funny, except when you imagine that most experts predict a woman is at her sexual peak at around 35.

Dear lord... its going to get worse?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jason Mulgrew

If you are looking for something to read Id like to suggest checking out Mulgrews web log. If you have the same sick twisted demented sense of humor I do then Id suggest reading.
or just click the post title!

I post this for 3 reasons.

1. He made me do it.
2. He really is good. A bit pushy and douchebaggish but very, very good.
3. It is hard to find a good safe entertaining site for work. And this one doesnt have pictures/sounds/flickering lights that will get you in attention/trouble.

I cant remember who's log I got this site from so long ago. But thank you to whoever provided it. It has given me hours of fun and relaxation.. and more then a couple times caused me to spew alcoholic beverages in one form or another onto my monitor. Thats just good fun.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Always and Never

Sometimes, life brings you to your knees.
Sometimes you get up.
Sometimes you just lay there and take it.

Sometimes, life is hard to swallow.
Sometimes you can choke it down, barely getting it past the lump thats been in your throat for days, weeks, years.
Sometimes you give up trying to choke it down and just move on, blindly, in slow motion, and in solitude.

Sometimes, you tell yourself you cant take it anymore.
Sometimes you hate your own strength, sometimes you want to walk away from yourself.
Then you take it, and take it some more.

Sometimes all you feel is pain.
Sometimes you can stuff it down, tuck it away.
Sometimes it tucks you away, stuffs you down, consumes you.

Sometimes, its not what is said or done to you.
Sometimes its what you do to yourself.
You want, you need, the pain to stop.
But the pain reminds you of what you really are.
The pain reminds you to keep cleansing your soul.

Some people wash their hands of you.
I wash my soul of you.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Thanks for all the comments and concerns about my short afk. I seemed to have gotten stuck in bfe and couldnt get out and back to my DSL modem that I love so much. Ive got a lot of catching up to do on a lot of blogs but with the DSL reunion having occured... as people tend to say around here.. "Its on"

I just wanted to share a thought that I had last week when something ugly happened.

"Concerns that are not given a voice are soon turned into regrets."

Believe that, its truth.