Saturday, November 17, 2007

Acapella My Soul

More Chris Cornell but this song has gotten me through a lot of mess and trouble in my life. It is a solitary song but one Im sure all of us could have leveled with at one time or another. Some see it as sad and I suppose it can be taken that way, but I see it more as a rite of passage. A man (or woman) who at once realizes their insignificance in the big picture and is coming to terms with it in the way that only a wise person can. Tell me how you take this song Id be interested in knowing how its seen by others.

When this song was first released as a single soundtrack of the movie Singles, it was one of the first 'stand alone' Chris Cornell projects. And this song originally had nothing but the back up guitar in it. This version has a drummer as well, and does not do credit to the original acapella sounding original. Some were mad at him for his break to solo-dom, but I was astonished that any band could have held him down for as long as they did already. Soundgard was and is the only band Ive seen Chris play with that challenged something that seems to come so natural to him. Pure untouchable vocal and musical talent.