Sunday, September 25, 2005

Wish me big heaping wads of gooey luck!

I have finally gone n done it. Just a few short minutes ago I submitted my manuscript to a publishing company per their request. Its not my preferred genre but it would certainly do as a nice boost to get me writing more professionally. Originally I had planned to write about a wacky off beat pack of bloggers who struggle through their own trials and tribulations to sort out the evil in the world, mainly the evil just consisted of a couple of young canadian men and a guy who rides trashbins in the streets, but then I gave it more thought and figured that a book on dealing with the grief of losing loved ones was something that I had a bit more years of experience in.


Yes. I prefer my luck gooey, it has far more sustanance then the regular ole dry or solid luck. And it sticks to you.

Monday, September 05, 2005

I am around!

I am around but still searching for work. Just not as much time to sneak off to the internet so often. I still read here as often as I can. But GOOD NEWS!! I will have my very own, if slow, crawl up connection within a month or so!

On the downside, my son now has a girlfriend. The downside being, OMG I feel so old. Fawk.

What is worse is that I really like her. I always wanted to be able to hate my sons first girlfriend. Damn me.