Monday, February 07, 2005

Via Chapdaddy

If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the internet, post this sentence in your journal.


Azathoth said...

um.. what sentence? do you mean Chapdaddy? Or am I missing something?

Angry Nice guy said...

I've met some intersting people through the web, but not sure if I'd consider them close friends just yet. I'm kind of slow in making friends with people. Have had too many bad ones to jump in too quickly. I like the people from the blogs, but only know them through thier posts and comments. So who do you consider close friends that you've met?

Joy said...

I am careful who I paste the word friend on so Ill put it like this.

Irie-Kelley= Friend. Ive known her for over 4 years online and will finally get to meet her at the end of this month. I love her like a sister.
Az- If I lived near him, Im sure Id be around him all the time. As it stands, Id call him friend because I know he is 'my kind of people'
BM-Same as Az. Id love to know him in the real world, and if I did Im sure Id cherish his friendship as well.
Bookend-So smart and so gentle. If I could rely on her wisdom like I do Az's Im sure Id call her one of the best female friends I could have.
Angry Nice Guy- I love your attitude. Its so damn close to mine. The cynical nature of him makes me know that Id also have a good friend to bash around WTF??? type of shit whenever I had the urge to.
Dan- Dan is a friend. I love him and fate willing I hope to meet him one day. He is a wise old soul in the body of a young man. He is priceless to me. Has been for several years now thanks to his cousin Joe. Joe is another person Id befriend. Just not as I would Dan.
Envae - EQ friend. Hes the reason Im going to Fl the end of this month. As soon as I get to spend a couple of days with him Im sure he will be one worthy of calling a real friend. He offered me the trip for free because he knows how rough life has been for me lately. He is an incoming friend.
Gama- Gama is the guy who's house Id go to when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I dont know why I feel like that, he seems so kind and gentle natured. I feel Id always have a warm heart to comfort my cold one.
Wenn- Wenn is a wonderful straight forward guy that I also consider friend. Just like Dan, hes been a priceless thing in my life of late.
Stepp- Wherever he went I hope hes ok. But he helped me on one of the worst days of my life recently with a simple phone call. Hes made out of the stuff everyone wishes they were.
Lord Archer- He gets tired of listening to me bitch about men and life, but hes always there for me. Another probable friend.

Damn there is more, but I have to go pick up my xanax and eat half of them right away so I dont go smashing up anymore Philly figurines out of resentment.

Bookend said...

Wow, Joy, thanks so much, I have chills now...must be the presence of a have no idea what this does for me...