Thursday, February 08, 2007

The loss of Innocence

When I was 12 I met the girl who I had no idea was going to be my best friend for life. We spent our time picking honeysuckle and fingerpainting hummingbirds and roses. Nary a harsh word came from our wonderfully innocent lips. La La La De De De....

Okay okay maybe we REALLY spent our time picking on our other friends and the hummingbirds and roses were REALLY tattoo's that we had both gotten by the time we were 20 or so but it was still just as lovely to us. Its fair to say that since we met we have had the chance to do about everything together. I know her kids, and they know me, she knows my kids and they know her. Its all been a grand example of when people write BFF on something except this time it really lasted. And luckily and oddly enough we both ended up with men who .. er... lets say walk a much straighter line then we do. Not that I am bragging, I am not. I am very thankful for my innocent man and I know Cathy is thankful for hers. So we started our friendship in Roanoke within walking distance from one another. And here, 21 years, holy crap did I just say 21 years? Yes 21 years later we ended up completely by accident living in another county and still within walking distance of one another. (Well we would have to walk since neither of us is currently allowed to drive) And again ironically, when she met T and I met D it was both within a month or so of each other. So even today we have both been with our innocent men for the same amount of time. My innocent one has put up with Cathy a bit and her innocent one has put up with me a bit too, albeit not always in a smiling loving manner, they still manage to cope with us. So while this post is also a tribute to my innocent man, this is REALLY a post to Cathys innocent man. Last friday he generously took me to weewee in a cup in our county. Then tomorrow he will again. Next week he has to take Cathy to see her P.O. and is still kind enough to take me for my weekly weewee. So I fashioned this mspaint picture to show how giving this innocent man really is.

THANK YOU T for putting up with both of us all along. And thanks for driving the felon xpress. Without you we both might be in jail... again.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I hate snow. I really hate snow. Even my dog hates snow. I dont want to play in it anymore. I dont want to drive in it.

You know. I also hate the heat. I guess if I had my way Id find a place where it is perpetually Autumn. Even spring is too warmish and humid. Fall is nice, temperate, crisp and clear breathing.