Saturday, January 14, 2006

In 2005

In 2005 I learned quite a few things.

At the first of the year in 2005 I wrote a post about a couple of friends I had originally started using my web log for anyway. I began the year in a new mood, a mood that was determined to stop wasting time. Part of this post is also going to be quoted directly near the end of my book that I am patiently awaiting an edited version of.

Read the post here to understand more

At the end of the post itself I made a promise. Not a resolution and not an idea. I said at the end that this was my year to quit wasting time. I really had only the faintest of ideas of what that might entail. I knew I had been toying with the idea of making one major text file or word pad of my thoughts and blog post on the deaths of 3 young guys that I once knew and will always love. I never really considered anything beyond making the file for my own personal use. The hidden results of that post changed the world I had been living in for over 12 years. Someone emailed me a reply to that post and in the end what I got was well... it was an amazing fucking story full of death and pain and power and peace. It was a story of losing love and gaining a soul. From that one post a lot of things that had led me up to writing the personal file had all come to make sense. Suddenly in one quick moment I had much more meaning to my life. When people say things like 'I want to know why am I here?' and 'What lesson should I have learned from this?' they usually never gain a satisfactory answer to any of those questions. In that one single moment I got all those answers. Once I added the last part of the story to the real life autobiography the story became what I believe to be pretty gripping one. I am satisfied with 2005. I vowed to quit wasting time and I did.

I am starting to get more and more excited about this book about to be put into print. But as I anticipate any changes a nice selling book will bring to my life, I still stop and consider first that what is imporant is that it may change the life of someone else. I guess thats why I havent gotten any full blown insane excitement over the $$ prospect of it yet. I really just cant wait to see what the editor is hacking off of it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My friend Jimmy!

I promised to post a few pix so here they go.

My friend Jimmy!! I was gonna put him on Ebay but I figured with so many hits per day someone here might want em. Hes gonna cost ya 50 bucks and shippin and handlin is on you!

Oddly enough I have no pix of Jimmy without his finger in his nose.

My friends Cathy, or Janet from my book. Bobby and myself hiding back there behind Bobby (blobby as I like to call em)

Here is how Eddie sleeps. Eddie the fearless American Pit Bull Terrier!

Here is my cousin Mickey. He is quite drunk at the time the photo was taken!

More later!!

Here is my son Mike. He agreed to let me put this picture of him and Eddie on my site!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

No Resolutions!

Im not really a resolution maker. I doubt I ever will be. But I have decided to grasp onto some new 'ideas' at the beginning of each year. There is no pressure this way. It's not that I can't handle pressure or stress, its almost as if I thrive on it. I've been really lucky in the brain and soul that I was born with, or learned or earned, but I just don't stress the things that I guess I should. More or less my brain and my heart war with each other internally about stuff. Sometimes its as if I can even cut that off, ignore the struggle and come back at a later date to find it resolved itself. I suppose that is why I have been referred to as 'unfeeling' or 'cold' by some people. I am never those things. Its just that I cant bring myself to lie to myself or to inflict my internal struggles onto other people. I really judge no one terminally. I've never felt that there isn't one single person I couldn't learn something from. I honor wisdom in others, and refuse to accept anyones ignorance and make it my own. I am firm in my beliefs and strong and solid in my opinions. Stupidity and bitterness disgust me. I'll never be the bitter old bitch who sits on her front porch and screeches at kids for 'walkin in my yard' or anything else so petty. I'll be more likely to be the 'crazy old lady' down the street who comes out and drinks a beer with the youngin's when they are partying in the streets like I do now. I will always love football and remain a dedicated Philly fan to the death of either myself or the game. I do not fear death though I don't neccesarily welcome it either. Life is a lot easier to enjoy if you dont go around thinking and worrying about which of your stupid, yet fun activities might kill you.

So three things I got ideas about doing this year and one I have already done at least once.

Wear my glasses more and give my eyeballs a break from the constant contact lense damage. A cut on your cornear hurts like a bitch and I dont want one of those in 2006.
Lose 20 damn pounds and keep it off. Seriously, I have gained 20 pounds since my last doctors visit and I am now at the unacceptable weight for my own personal taste and being able to eat is in danger soon.
Im taking a page from schaaps post about hitting up a park with a friend or two in the dark. Doing more things to keep my mind and soul as youthful as I am trying to keep my damn weight.

Then there is the book. I havent recieved the edited copy yet but I am very happily awaiting it!


Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer!

Plain and simple. I want to know your 3 favorite beers on earth. I dont care if they are energy beers, regular old beers, hippy beers, beer flavored beer or what the hell ever. This is a simple poll that I plan on using for information in the book I am writing so be honest! If you secretly like the beast or old mil then just say so! I want your top three so here are mine!

Tilt - A stronger 6.6% version of sparks energy beer. The shit really kicks!
Coors Light - I mean if I am just waltzing into the store to grab a 12 pack, the silver bullet has always been my old faithful.
Moosehead - Ok I started drinking these way back when I was too young to drink. But that was the day I learned to appreciate a fine Canadian brew!