Friday, November 18, 2005


In order to share the love I have to share the secret. I am making this post for those not as fortunate as I who have sparks coverage in their state or country. If you are one of the folks who are deprived of 'Orange Love' (you poor bastards) please visit this site and demand that sparks be brought to a retailer near you.

Otherwise, crack open your freshly purchased sparks and sit a spell.

I started drinking back in '85. Sure I was only 12 but at the time a great flood hit my city. The crips helped me steal a phat hoopty just days before and then this ....

So to get over the depression I called my peeps and told them we was gonna have a game of football to ease the pain of my loss but when we got to the stadium it looked like this.

God I was pissed the fuck off.

So I head back home to grab my dog and my cooler full of late 80's type beers like pabst blue ribbon and schaffers lite and my bloody dog was gone. They called it a 'rescue'.

Fuckin do gooders annoy me. So I give up on the dog and head out to the back yard to find my cooler and find this shit. Some random asshole screwing one of my trees up and my damn cooler floating downstream.

I didnt want to have to relive all these horrid memories but the fact is that this year Roanoke is 'celebrating' the 20 year anniversary of The Great Flood of 85. So its their faults for traumatizing me once again.
So tonight I celebrate in my own fashion by kicking back with a cold one or 6 O these

And I just offer up a prayer to the gods of Energy beers that I dont in anyway resemble this guy by the end of the night.

Everythings so blurry and everyones so fake....

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