Friday, December 16, 2005

Canadian Love

Get the cows and cheese out guys....


Dan said...


Azathoth said...

Last time you Staties tried to invade Canada we kick your a**, marched to your capitol, burned the white house down, went home cause we got bored, and had a beer. If your that eager for another beating then go for it.

Oh, and it's nice to see ya Dan, hope your doing great. Miss ya on this here bloggy thing.

Dan said...

No, I litterally mean, thats me in the picture

Dero (hawkeye) said...

we also ate the dinner on the table at the whitehouse that the first lady had made :P oooup!

i would reccomend a great song by a canadian band called "the arrogant worms" the song is titled, "the war of 1812"

i just love it.

michaelnicholas said...

Hmm, I shall now spend a bit of time recreating this exact picture, only something to do with America. I shall post the results soon.

Let's just invade Mexico, they're all even more lazy than Americans and it'd be so easy.

Azathoth said...

I know it's you Dan, thats why I said it's good to see you.

Dan said...

Ohh well, I knew it as well Az... and michaelnicholas... good luck finding brass knuckles legally :P

Joy said...

Dan - Yes thats-a-you!

Az - Yeah, scary isn't it? Does this mean you are a Canadian as well? I had no idea!

Dan - Yes it is!

Dero - Cool Ill hook it up in Edonkey now and check it out. Always out for a new good song, especially if it makes me giggle or throw furniture. If it makes me do both at the same time its a winner!

Mike - I cant wait to see the pic. That pic there came about when Dan and I played EQ and we had a 'canadian crew' that we warred with nightly. Some of the best times I had on that game was hazin the 'Candians'

Az - I can personally confirm that indeed, that is Dan.

Dan - No matter what he says Dan, dont give Mike the knucks, we dont want those people having weapons like that. Slingshots do much less damage.