Monday, February 13, 2006

Are you warm or cold?

Well I meant to make a post about how many jobs Ive been through and how many idiots Ive seen since my last major post but for some reason the house Im sitting in is like 80 degrees and Im dying of heat exhaustion at the moment. I do wonder often about people and I think sometimes something this petty can even be a deal breaker or a strain in a relationship but.....

Are you cold natured or warm natured?

*FYI. If you need an explaination I mean basically are you ususally warm compared to most people in the same environment or are you the one thats always cold and shivering in average temperatures?*

I am a 70 degrees girl. If the house I am in can be 70 degrees winter or summer temp then I can happily exist.

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Dan said...

Cold, I have rehnolds syndrome, or something like that, where my heart doesn't pump as much blood as it should to my extremeties, my fingers and toes can get real cold real fast.