Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sports, Religion & Politics

Since I am not going to be participating in the family thing this Thanksgiving (personal choice for no reason at all besides just wanting a turkey sammach at home) I figured I would just post here in continuing my efforts to destroy/ruin/fuck-up Thanksgiving.


My team is the best and your team sucks. Thats all there is to it, this is the most simple arguement of the uglies. It doesnt even matter who my team is, or yours either. Its just a fact, get used to it.


Most people who follow organized religion would use a statement VERY similar to the sports statement to describe their own personal religion. And although I can seriously appreciate the sarcasm of that, I cant be that glib about a subject that has caused the slaughter of millions of people for ...ever now. All I can seriously say is 'Come on, isnt thinking that YOUR God is the best, that YOUR God is the 'One' and that anyone elses God is a false idol... .well isnt that just as bloated and egotistical as we are when we say 'This has to be the only inhabitable planet ever in the Cosmos.' If you believe that way then there is little I can say to help you, except for strap on those Nikes and grab a fuckin telescope PLEASE.


Ok Id love to rant on about how much of a helpless monkey Bush really is but more important at this moment is all the soldiers serving the USA all over the world. Bring them home you moron we cant govern the whole world, and FUTHERMORE, they dont want our help. Its their country, let them build it the way they want, or destroy it just the same.

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Azathoth said...

Happy Dead Turkey Day to you too Joy. Hope all is good in your life. I miss you lots. Peace.