Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year 2007

Wish I could say it was happy but unfortunately there is always some miserable asshole waitin in the back ground to make sure no one can be happy.

I will wonder forever how people like that can exist.

I made no resolutions this year, I feel like I was doing amazingly well just keeping last years, my first ever resolution.

So in light of giving back the gift I was given for new years this year I just have one thing to say...


You are one miserable motherfucker. Fortunately, no matter how strong you thought you were, you weren't strong enough to bring me down to your hateful level of bitterness. Quit taking out your anger on me and direct it to where it belongs, or forever remain a pussy in the eyes of mankind.

When busted in the face for disrespecting me this guys reply was 'Im not a fighter'

Odd that, the only broken bones Ive ever had came from him. I guess 'Im not a fighter' only applies to men. If it had been a woman who busted his lip, they would have gotten a broken face.

Dick, play your games with someone else.

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Kuan said...

Well said friend...

and I do often wonder why asswhole are allowed to walk the earth as well. Perhaps to remind ourselvs that we don't ever want to be like that. It is probably some kind of cosmic balancing act of some kind.
For with out the treamendous assholes in the world would we have ever found the strengty to be who we are now?