Friday, June 08, 2007

Im Bringing Justin Back

Okay after having Justin Timberlakes 'Bringin Sexy back' video pounded into my face repeatedly I have come to a serious conclusion. Justin is indeed, bringing sexy back. But in a way all men should be able to appreciate. I mean, Im not sure of all of the age groups of women I know who read here but there are several types of sexy and general sex appeal that each woman usually has a particular.. passion for.

Mel Gibson - Rugged and brutally sexy, roughneck aggressiveness. He likes to chew on metal and takes his dates back to his trailer on the first date and they dont even care. Probably they dont even notice.

Sean Connery - Debonair and classy, romantic and passionate. Appeals to the nature of all the little girls who wanted to be treated as a princess since they were born. I hope you like opera.

Brad Pitt - Professional Pretty boy. What a beautiful thing to have latched to your arm while hes outshining you no matter who you are.

Orlando Bloom - Jack-of-All-Men. He can put on a tie and woo you in an expensive resturant or he can strap on a pair of shorts and scare the hell out of you white water rafting. Oh the fun of an energetic mate. Just wait til he gets his clothes off!

Then, well then there IS Justin. Sometimes he is a scruffy boy, wearin his wife beater like probably most of our guy friends do when its hot. Unshaven for a few days, working on his car etc. Maybe a little dirt on his sweating brow. (who would care). Then he slaps on the mob suit and shaves and wow damn he looks like every guy you ever went to school with at their high school dance. I dont even think Justin in parts is all that great. Yeah, hes got a cute little face and a killer body, but in a group of SEXXXXYYY MEN, like Matthew McConomgod!, well you just wouldnt pick Justin right off would you. Like the unathletic kid getting picked for Dodgeball, little Justy would fall a tad short. No he cant run with the big dogs yet... but he does bring a little bit of OMG I KNOW A DUDE THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM, to every little city or country girl in this country.

So he is bringing a little bit of sexy back. Back to all those reg old boys, back to the little guys who can probably strike a pose just as sweetly if they had Hollywood behind them like he now does :)

U go Justin!

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michaelnicholas said...

I love cats! Ahhhh!

But not Justin Bitchface. Silly Joy. I still like you. If you want to see hott, observe my lifeguard pose from camping. It kills little boys like Justin right the hell off...