Sunday, December 02, 2007

10th Anniversary

Well my tenth anniversary was Thursday the 29th. I spent it alone, reading a book and snuggled down under my old aztec blanket. Of course you cant get through 10 years of marriage without some bullshit going on. People hurting each other, things being said or done that cant be taken back.... but seriously all of that aside...

What kind of man goes to a neighbors and watches a football game on their tenth anniversary, staggers in wasted just past midnight when the anniversary is over, and passes out in the bed. OH, he doesnt want me to leave out that he DID tell me happy anniversary when he came in at 6pm, and at 8pm he was at the neighbors watching football. His team lost too by the way, and so did he.


Azathoth said...

I'm very sorry things didn't go good for your Ann. Joy. Sounds like he needs to open his eyes and realize what a wonderful woman he has sitting at home. I hope he comes to his senses quickly. Far too often it seems like folks don't realize what they have right in front of them.

Joy said...

Thank you Az :) I have thought the same thing over these last couple years when I read some of your post.

Your golden

Kuan said...

Hey Joy

I'm sorry baby... all I can say is I love you and I'm right here in front of your eyes. I know how it feels to be there too.

You are both indeed kindred spirits Az and Joy.

Much love to you both.

Kuan said...

Have you ever been so intrigued by some one that it drives you to the brink of madness ?
Have you ever desired some thing that is totally beyond your reach?
Have you ever wanted to step outside your box of perfect complacency and do some thing that you know will ultimatey avail you nothing aside from the experience of fulfilling a restless need.
Have you ever wanted to be that one fantasy for some one that only you and you alone could be?
Have you ever been driven by the thought of that, that it offers only distraction and imaginary fulfillment?
Has any one ever been prominant in your mind that when you close your eyes they are all that you see?
Those eyes that you yearn to see you, those lips you long to feel upon yours, that mischivious smile that is hiding some secret that you hope involves you some how. That pale smooth skin that makes you tremble when you think of touching it, feeling it like silk beneath your finges.
The hot whispers meant only for your ears. The one encounter that you would give all that you have to embrace if only for that one moment in time and then never again.
That forbidden out of reach some thing that makes you restless and uneasy and filled with passion.
Have you ever felt so drawn to some one for reasons you cannot even explain?
Have you been awestruck by the beauty and complexity of some ones mind and intellect?
Have you ever been blown away by some ones integrity and sence of honor?

Empty Cell said...

Joy, it's Dan, and holy shit would I love to talk to you real soon. Friend of mine just died, wish I knew her more than I did, and I feel like fucking crying.
I know I only ever seem to come to you now when I need someone to talk to, which must get old. I just don't know who else to turn to.

Azathoth100 said...

Well Joy, I think I'm finally walking away from my blogging. It has been a long trip, and a fun one, but work, wedding-stuff, and just life itself has conspired to drive my time away and I find that I have little time for myself, much less my confused rambling on the blog.
Out of everyone I have met and been graced with knowing through the internet it is you who my mind turns to the most. No... this isn't goodbye. You have my E-mail, and I yours, and I will still stop by and check on your blog as well as the Table when I get the chance. Knowing you is a definate highlight of these last few years, and I'm glad that you have been my friend. Too often we have connected in thoughts and feelings during our journeys. Sometimes I think (and please don't take this wrong) that my Finace is lucky that you don't live closer to me. You are a phenominal person, and I thank you for just being you.

Jeff D Jennings