Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What the Fluff!??~?!!@

Ive always known that Roanoke Countys judicial system was a little tainted. Ive seen that firsthand, up close and personally. Sometimes that has come in the form of a band of merry County Mountys illegally taking my own child and giving him to someone else.. someone with a track record of raising menace to society children. Someone who brought up one of the best woman beating, drunk-n-raging idiots this side of the Mississippi in the last century or so. Those same leaders of law who periodically ram their cars into peoples houses, then charge the next person who does with wreckless driving and speeding. Then there was the peach of them all, the cop who pepper sprayed the 88 year old lady, for facing the wrong way in traffic on her little back country road so she could get her mail. (SHIT I DO THAT OMG...OMFG!!) Then there was that little momentous evening where they had somewhat of a tazer party with me being of course, the guest of honor at their lovely bed n breakfast.

Funny how they have the habit of charging people with CRIMINIAL CHARGES that hold JAIL TIME and somehow they convieniently forget to offer you an attorney. A LAW THAT NO STATE IS ALLOWED TO IGNORE.

Thank you Roanoke County, for being such upstanding members of the judicial system of this country. It is because of this small branch of the money whores of the united states of america that all over this country we are riddled with bad law and even worse law makers. If you have money, you can legally steal someones kid. If you worked for this county before you attempt this kidnapping, then hell, you may NOT even have to pay that much to do it. Or, you can be the mother of an underaged teenager who gets hit by a ginormous looking neighbor and the judge will curse you for looking angry about it. Hell, thats just the tip of this big sinking iceberg. Nevertheless, it IS sinking. One day, sometime, it will go under, and it will take all of you crooked cops and crooked judges and crooked deputies, way down with it. And who do you think will be there with huge sticks, poking it and pushing it under as fast as is possible?

Hundreds of thousands of people who have hundreds of thousands of relatives and friends who were completely screwed by you and your system all along. Arent you smart enough by now to realize what an unsettled society we live in? Every day BAD shit happens to people who fuck people over. Sometimes its as simple as a familiar murder, sometimes its as horrific as VA tech. But it all boils down to one thing, people who were or just FELT they were fucked over by you are the first to strike back. I think its time you deal with humanity as if they are humans. Not all people are guilty until proven innocent. Not all cases are alike. Will I be the one helping to push you under when you begin to sink? I dont know, are you willing to bet that when you judged me to be a bad human, when you treated me as one...that you were indeed correct and not just being a generalizing bastard? Do you want to look at death as opposed to accepting help in the form of the hand of the woman who you legally and illegally stole her youngest son from her? I dont know, I think the demon in me would prefer to see you suffer for as long as possible, so I think I WOULD give you that hand, if for no other reason then to spit in your hypocritical face.

Just think on that one, you will be judged. Can you handle that?


Azathoth100 said...

I'm sorry that things arn't going good for you right now my friend. I hope that it'll change soon.

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help me

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