Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dedicated Devastation

What an asshole.

Mr. Bush said today in a press conference that the dedicated people of New Orleans needed the help of all Americans.

He meant to say devastated.

What a dick.


Chad said...

Bush needs to die in a fire. I love how he gets things written for him and he still can't fucking read it properly.

BTW, check your email you fucking hippy!

Azathoth said...

Heh, if the aliens ever do land and tell you to bring them to your leader, where will you go? Just a drug induced thought.

I miss you sweetie, come back soon.

Jay said...


That guy is real "dedicatedly" funny! I never liked him tho`.

He is a walking disaster!

Bookend said...

Dick's too good of a thing for him...(hahaha)