Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Damn its hot!

I mean damn, its seriously hot here. Hard to stay in one place for too long at a time!


Gama said...

Yeah tell me about it. I'm allergic to the sun now... I step outside for a second and I begin to sweat buckets.

Chad said...

Yeah right dude, try 115 with humidity. It's teh suck.

Rex Stultorum said...

I'll see your heat and humidity, and I'll raise you a half-assed landlord.

It's unseasonably cool where I am, but a fat lot of good THAT does when the landlord removes the window screens for a two-day painting job and has yet to replace them after nearly two and a half MONTHS. So I can't open my windows and thus must run the AC even on pleasant days. What's more, I can't even put AC in the bedroom until those screens are put back, so I'm living in the living room of an apartment that was already too small to begin with.

So, you see, here where I am, it's not so much the heat, it's the STUPIDITY!

Thanks, Joy! Every now and then we blog-surfers need to find posts that simply invite a little bitchin' and a little commiseratin'.

P.S. Have you had any luck finding any books by Mary W. Calkins?

Joy said...

Yes I have Rex! I am in waiting for one I ordered from Books A Million to arrive now!!

Azathoth said...

Sweating when you've done nothing to deserve it sucks. Thats why I've got an AC in my bedroom. Hope you find cool spots Joy.