Sunday, September 25, 2005

Wish me big heaping wads of gooey luck!

I have finally gone n done it. Just a few short minutes ago I submitted my manuscript to a publishing company per their request. Its not my preferred genre but it would certainly do as a nice boost to get me writing more professionally. Originally I had planned to write about a wacky off beat pack of bloggers who struggle through their own trials and tribulations to sort out the evil in the world, mainly the evil just consisted of a couple of young canadian men and a guy who rides trashbins in the streets, but then I gave it more thought and figured that a book on dealing with the grief of losing loved ones was something that I had a bit more years of experience in.


Yes. I prefer my luck gooey, it has far more sustanance then the regular ole dry or solid luck. And it sticks to you.


Azathoth said...

LOTS OF LUCK! Any type you want Joy! It's nice to hear from you again, and nice to see your taking a step forward in your writing. Miss you lots! Peace!

Dan said...

Good Luck ma'am. I hope your doing well off and have found a solid j-o-b to help you off as well. Well wishes

Jay said...

Welcome come back Joy. Sometimes I feel like you’re a “Monthly issue blogger” *LOL*.

Hope you succeed with your work and good luck. Keep us posted.

michaelnicholas said...

hooray for lovely Joy, she's a real crazee kritter, she is. i miss this woman!

but congratulations to her regardless.

Gama said...

Good Luck Joy!!!