Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ghetto Dial

I am sorry if this offends, but I feel like I am in the ghetto with my connection here. I cant get on my email, I cant use trillian, I cant use MSN, wtf is the purpose???

Fuck it, I am going to have to plant my own satellite up here before its all over with.

Love You D


Azathoth said...

Before you get too frustrated just be glad you have a comp. My first intro to the internet was a web Tv. Talk about pointless crap.

Rex Venom said...

Ghetto? Wouldn’t there be loads of intercity connectivity, like in some Gibson novel? I’d rather think of the lack of computer support as, say, rural or even more distant and cut off.
Rock on!

Joy said...

True enough Az, my first exp online was on the Dreamcast. So I understand. It didnt even have a kb when it started.

And you are right Rex. Even when I lived in the ghetto I had a better connection then this.

Anonymous said...

Da ghetto has connection LOL :-D nah, i kno wat chu mean ;-) PEACE

Jay said...

Life suck without the internet, can’t imagine how people in the 60`s live!