Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cover Me - Living, Loving and Learning through Loss

Ok, so I added a subtitle to the book. Once I began to actually consider the marketing prospect of the book I realized that I needed something that outwardly showed what genre or purpose this book was written for. I actually just re-read my proofs of the book and can now see it in pdf form so that it looks like a real book on the inside. Now we go into the cover process and then it is finally ready for publishing. I guess I am getting a little more excited now, and worried of course. Other things have occured in my life since my last post that are just heartbreaking, but I dont really care to mention them at this point in time. I am sure I will eventually, if I can get over beating myself up over shit.
And Ta-Da! I now have an ISBN number! If you arent familiar with the book world then you have no idea what that is, if you are... good for you! Because tonight I am tying one on with some good friends and about to log off and go do so. Regardless, I am still here, on messenger, on email etc and will finally be able to get somewhat of an ISP since I now have a land line.
See you soon@!


tangledthoughts said...

Good luck with your book! I wish you luck. Maybe you can you publish a few of the comics I made on my blog site...

c'mon! It's marketable...isn't it?

I think mike has a few comics he made too.

Azathoth said...

Don't know what happened, but if you need to talk you know my e-mail. and stop beating yourself up, it doesn't help or change anything.Good luck with the cover, I like the subtitle. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Joy said...

tangled I think all the stuff you guys do should be marketed!

Az- I may take you up on that email in the next couple of days. Be prepared!

La mujer said...


Drop me a line peaches! I need to hear what's going on! I'll try to catch up!!

Joy said...


is only one person I can think of that would call me peaches....