Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hey Calling all Blog Friends for heeeelp!

I know that only a few of you have read my book Cover Me. But for you that have I would be appreciative for the rest of my life if you visit this site.

Do a search in the mid page on the right for Author search.
Type in Authors name as Basham.

In the spot that says write reviews for you opinion on the book. If you dont want to I understand but the help it would give me in promoting the book would be astounding.

Thank you I Love you all in my blogger land.

If you havent read the book yet Ill be glad to send u the word format, but still I would like people to purchase it, even if I have to get it on discount and sell it for virtually nothing


Azathoth said...

Done, gladly.

Jay said...

I would love to write a review but I have to read it first.

It sounds to be a very interesting true story and I believe to be very touching.

Could you e-mail me the softcopy at

I hope I could find it in the bookstore soon. After some problem with couple years ago, I stop buying books over the net. (Credit cars fraud)

Glad to have a famous author friend :) like you.. oh yea, my fav author is Sidney Sheldon.

Joy said...

I would be glad to send it to you Jay. Let me know what you think!