Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chase and Me and 4am

A friend of mine that logs on to MSN from time to time just kills me. He logs on and we have these absolutely bullshit convos that no one understands and that would likely get us locked up for life for if anyone found them. I am going to share a few pieces of it here because I am bored and tired of laughing my guts out. So if you ever have completely random bullshit convos on IM then you may understand the humor in this. If not, you are missing out.

[04:02] Chase: bunch of wierdos on late
[04:02] Joy: no kidding
[04:04] Joy: all kinds of loonys come out
[04:04] Joy: so how is your big toe?
[04:04] Joy: and is the silverware still talking to you?
[04:05] Chase: forks more than spoons
[04:05] Chase: figure that one out for me
[04:05] Chase: could be the next big book......
[04:05] Joy: hmm
[04:05] Chase: speaking of big books, have you punched oprah yet?
[04:05] Joy: is it telling u to use sporks?
[04:05] Joy: hell no
[04:05] Joy: that wench is one slippery ho

[04:15] Chase: wanna get married?
[04:16] Joy: i swear
[04:16] Joy: we should
[04:16] Chase: i always wanted to marry and up and commer
[04:16] Joy: i dont think anyone else could possibly understand us
[04:16] Joy: i mean
[04:16] Joy: what if they wanted us to stop shanking ppl in the face
[04:16] Joy: Im not willing to change THAT much for someone u know
[04:16] Chase: i don't think the justice of the peace would let us bring a flamethrower to the courthouse though
[04:16] Joy: fuck... man no they dont i seen it on a sign too
[04:17] Chase: may have to get married under mormon law
[04:17] Chase: never read anything about flamethrower hate
[04:17] Chase: on the plus side, i could have like 9 other wives
[04:17] Chase: hopefully none of them bitch, or that would be kinda bad
[04:23] Chase: how the fuck do you catch a drift anyway?
[04:23] Joy: i fell in one once
[04:23] Chase: catch herpes?
[04:24] Joy: not yet
[04:24] Chase: thats good
[04:24] Joy: i knowez
[04:24] Chase: you will when i can kiss the bride though
[04:24] Chase: i'm a big slut
[04:24] Joy: Oh and no punching me in the kidneys during sex
[04:24] Joy: i dont think i like that anymore
[04:25] Chase: this may not work
[04:31] Chase: i have a 5lb sledgehammer for divorces

[04:49] Chase: you don't make the leap from middle school girls to porn stars
[04:49] Joy: they dont see the benefit of having three arms either i guess
[04:49] Joy: how else can a man drink a beer.. hold the remote and whack it
[04:49] Chase: where is the third arm coming from?
[04:49] Joy: straight out the chest
[04:49] Chase: oh that one is easy, get married
[04:50] Chase: either the whack it or the beer
[04:50] Chase: lord knows a woman can't handle a remote


Azathoth said...

Oddly enough the convo makes perfect sense to me.

Joy said...

And that my friend, is why I love you so much.

michaelnicholas said...

I'm goofed up on a happy morphine/Molson Canadian cocktail, and so I found this fairly amusing. But now I'm hungree and its taken me an entire beer to type this, so I gotta grab another.

Jay said...

Hehehe.. I’ve tried, I read the conversations but I don’t follow.

PS- Maybe its because I just woke up. I will read again later. It has been a while, how you doin dear? Hows the book goin on?

Azathoth said...

Ya know, I really miss you on here Joy. Hope your doing good my friend.