Saturday, September 09, 2006


GOD Ill be so glad when summer is over. I dont know why I just think it sucked balls this year. I love the fall so I am looking forward to it, and yes I am even looking forward to the damn freezing ass cold winter... but as for the summer.... welp, it was just lame this year. Lame, Lame, Lame.

In other news

Weman still sux irl


Dan said...

I just thought of something funny. EwwwwQ see, funny. I was skimming through your flickr pics (like some weird fucker would) and saw the new screens, or what I assume is new. Tsk tsk on the still hanging out with Tas. If only the game didn't disgust me, and I didn't have school, and a job, and more free time. I'd totally be shanking shit. But alas, thats what vanguard will be for!

Joy said...

There is no hanging out with Tas, he isnt even around anymore.

And shank all you want... Ill still love you in the morning.