Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I hate snow. I really hate snow. Even my dog hates snow. I dont want to play in it anymore. I dont want to drive in it.

You know. I also hate the heat. I guess if I had my way Id find a place where it is perpetually Autumn. Even spring is too warmish and humid. Fall is nice, temperate, crisp and clear breathing.



michaelnicholas said...

Little Manj should be all over this one. I like snow personally, it's fun! Even though I did sprain my ankle once during a sledding incident.

Come live up here. It rarely snows, it's just always rainy. Not sunny or warm until summer, or occasionally a January day or two.

Joy said...

I thought Canada was home of the snow.

I started hating snow when I was around 12 or so and me and a friend of mine was walking around and on top of huge snow drifts. As we were walking atop one of them we fell right through, about 10 or 12 feet down. I dont really know what the moral of this tale is but its either, 'dont walk in snowdrifts' or 'dont walk in snow drifts with a 250 lb balding alcoholic 12 year old'.

Kuan said...

No I was born in the home of snow, International Falls Minnesota (or Minnisnowta as we call it).
I love the snow there is nothing like walking in the forest after a snow fall, it is one of the most beautiful things I can imagin ever.
The wind singing in the pines, the smell, the amazing sound of pure quiet. The earth asleep under a cleansing blanket of white, some thing pure to remind us that not every thing is tainted and polluted. The pure smell of the pine forest personally is the best smell in the world, second only to the smell of baking bread.
Winter the reminder that every thing must die so that it can live again.
Please don't ask me why I live in Florida now, but is isn't because I hated the winter thats for sure. The humidity, the salt, the smell, the cranky bitter people, the plastic phoney reality.
I think that the next destination for me is going to be some place of perpetual fall too.
When you find it let me know Joy, I'll come chill with you...

Azathoth100 said...

Autumn and spring year round. With more autumn than spring. I am canadian, but I still hate snow. Although I can deal with cold better than I can hot.