Thursday, May 10, 2007

Damn it feels good to be..


So I went to court monday for the 'issues' and the cop didnt show up again. So my lawyer objected to the case altogether. It was all dropped. ALL OF IT. No more drug test, no more bullshit, a second chance for me as far as I see it.

I greatly wonder if my other lawyer friend had a hand in this. If he did I owe him really big!!!

<3 RS!!


Anonymous said...

i think you should celebrate you freedom and come see me ;)

i have EQ trial now...and WoW again...

so get back online u sexy beast :P

Kuan said...

lol ditto....

Grats on yer freedom, now choose to be free.


jadedprimadonna said...


tangledthoughts said...

You should be thanking ME for this actually, I'm the real hero! In quite a clever manner I managed to distract the police officer so I could free Grace!

You owe me. =)

Joy said...


And thanks Dero :p