Sunday, December 07, 2008

Well Well Well

Wow, fate works a lot I suppose. Just a few months ago a couple of skanks worked together to have me thrown in jail. I served my time on one charge only to have to turn around and have to do ten more days. After my first night in jail on the second charge, my mother died. Nothing in that allows for forgiveness to me. Even though my mother would not advocate holding a grudge, that bullshit is just something that I won't ever forget, or likely even forgive for.

So while I anxiously awaited fate to step in and bring around what was sent around, I was very impatient this time. Although I would not ever do something to speed up fate, I desperately awaited word that she had indeed done her job.

So I want to thank you fate, as now I know that those two skanks are soon to pay for what they put on me. As I sit here now the police are looking for one skank, while the other skank harbors her. I now patiently await the day when those who would jeopardize my freedom have theirs snatched from them.

Alas, all the pain and desperation of feeling and seeing your bad deeds returned to you must be horrifying. It must be scary to think that you may lie and deceive those who are used to such things and get away with it for a moment, only to see the universe itself bring it back to you tenfold. And just think, I didnt have to lift a finger. I didnt have to drive somewhere and risk getting charged with filing fake charges. And even better yet, I didnt have to sell my soul to the devil for getting away with something for which you surely owe a large part of yours.

And last but not least, for those of you who would lie to me about your involvment in these things. For those who truly believe that I truly believe you, well, try to remember you are simply unknowing messengers of mine and your ignorance will cost you more then you can afford in the end.


Azathoth100 said...

Sounds like Karma is having a blast at thier expense. Good to hear. Hope your doing good, miss you lots.

Kuan said...

As it is written in WICCA Law:

The Goddess charges us to exercise great care in all that we, as Witches, do and say and even think. The Threefold Law takes the notion that "what we reap, we will sow", a few steps fact, THREE steps further. For what we do "for good or for ill, shall be returned to us threefold."

So mote it be....

Told you she was gonna get what was coming to her and like a good soul(havoc) you did nothing to taint your Karma....

and so blessed be.