Friday, July 15, 2005

They Misunderestimate Me! Part II

Ok, so if part I wasnt enough to disgust you, with all the proof of the oil piracy/dynasty of the Bush family tree, then perhaps this will help.

Yes, he throws like a pansy.

And if thats not enough then perhaps this will do.

If that doesnt lend some very good proof to the evolution theories, then you are indeed hopeless, and its a miracle you can even read this.


Rex Stultorum said...

First, I wanted to say THANKS for your post on my blog a few days ago. It's my very first blog, and you made your post almost IMMEDIATELY after the blog was first published. So, of course, you're now among my cherished "first responders."
Now, thanks for posting the pics of the Chimp-in-Chief. I saw a number of those at a site called something like "Bush or Chimp." The thing I found funniest about that site was its founder's "rationale" for creating the site. He says something like, "This is a site I created once I realized how much George W. Bush looks like a Chimapanzee. I am not a member of any organized political party, and personally I don't have anything against the man. I just think he looks like a chimpanzee."
I'm not sure why, but that rather frank statement just cracks me right up.

Joy said...

That is very interesting to know. And it cracked me up too~

Rex Stultorum said...

Have you ever seen / read the book THE BUSH DYSLEXICON (subtitle: Reflections on a National Disorder)? There are too many funny quotes in there even to BEGIN offering a sampling!

I think GWB, and not his father, is TRULY the "education" president! I've never heard him speak where I don't end up learning a few words I never heard before!

michaelnicholas said...

fuck george bush, the greedy cunt sack! kill the president! (hmm, by saying that on an american chick's weblog, i may incur the wrath of your pussy ass FBI. umm if anyone asks... it wasn't joy's fault, it was this ryan schaap kid who said it.)

fuck the FBI too, and their damn anti-piracy warnings that waste precious seconds at the beginning of dvd's.

Gama said...

Where did you get those pictures?

Joy said...

I knew there was a reason I liked that Ryan guy. And that skira fucker too.

Good idea on the bush'ism' reference Ill be checking that out!

Jay said...

Damn, those photos are funny.

Bush or Chimp? Ahhh I like cats better!

themadamefiles said...

Hey sweetie. I have moved. Been evicted - check out why...