Monday, March 06, 2006

Hate to State

I really usually hate to state the obvious but in light of recent events, our local weatherman having overdosed on heroin, half our county being on fire because someone dumped hot woodstove coals out in an already incredibly dangerously dry period, and then there are just the people I know who talk too much, drink too much and just act as if the words class and tact have never been placed in a dictionary or personality anywhere... I must state for the record...

People are wicked crazy and had any of them ever been witness to the old "What comes around goes around" theory they would all likely just climb in a hole somewhere and immediately stfu!@

1 comment:

Azathoth said...

The three most common things in the world are Bugs, Dirt, and Stupidity. Hope things are going good for you. I miss you on here.