Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New Endings


Even on Vacation there is bound to be someone who trys to fuck things up. So here I was sitting wondering where my alcoholic ex had been hiding himself and he popped up again today. Of course it was only to tell me he had tried to kill himself. He had sent me an email declaring he would days ago. Then disappeared so I would worry and not enjoy the vacation.

I do miss him, even through the abuse its hard not to miss someone you spent so much of your life with, but that part of my life is over. After he ,of course, blamed his attempted suicide on me I decided then it was time to break it for good. I asked a family member to file the divorce for me and get him to sign it, and that the day I came back I would sign it as well and make it official. My divorce is paid for and will be awaiting my pleasure upon my return.

In the words of my ex who does read my blog, because of course he MUST have new shit to toss in my face:

dragon: go sock some puerto rican cock

Ok Im assuming sock means suck and I understand the rest... so my reply to him is:

Why thank you sir, I think I just may do that.

Good Bye Doug and Good Riddance!!


Gama said...

I had a had friend that was the same way... I hate people that are dramatic... look who's talking... hehehe!
I can write a book about my life.

Gama said...

WTH! I need to go to the spelling bee contest :-D

Azathoth said...

I've said all I need to say onm the subject (although I'll repeat it all if you want me to. Hope your enjoying your vacation sweetie. Hope the divorce goes through smoothly.

Bookend said...

Joy, I am so sorry that I haven't been around to get these posts...I feel like I'm going back through my past...except that I wasn't married...I am soo sorry that you have endured this treatment...but please remember that you are better than the abuse and I'll be thinking of you as you go through finalizing the divorce...if you ever need an ear of someone to talk to .... I'm here for you...if you need my phone # just email me and I'll send it to ya...

Joy said...

Thanks Gama, Az, and Bookend for the caring comments and thoughts here just when I needed them.

I think if I move anywhere it will be to the north :)