Saturday, March 12, 2005

In memory of Scot 'Escoses' Goodridge

For 5 years I played a game called Everquest. I made many friends along the way, and more then a couple of enemies. I was a leader of sorts on the game, so both were to be expected. I had a conflict with a couple of characters about a year ago. On Feb 25th I resolved that bitter conflict with one of those characters through my instant messenger. On March the 4th he was killed in a car accident. Ive spent this time going over how to honor another gift I was given in this matter. The gift of understanding and compassion. The second character I had the conflict was a good friend to this person who was killed last week. The second I seen her log onto my instant messenger I took a deep breath, swallowed stupid pride, and offered her the comfort only one who had suffered a similar loss can.

How close I came.. days close, to having to suffer the guilt once again of unsettled anger. How hard the lessons of guilt are already on my soul. Whatever powers that be spared me this time, and for that I appreciate.

I hope some of my post on the earlier part of my blog offered Shayla comfort. And Im sure if she reads this, or even Dan does, they will know the meaning behind it.

Almost too late

We didnt always get along
We didnt always agree
But everytime the night got hard
You were there for me

We talked a lot
About you and me
And the things that made us alike
Then in the end
It was those same things
That caused us lasting strife

But here I am to honor you
And comfort those who cared
And in the end nothing else matters
Then the few moments we shared

When asked why and how and what
How could I set her soul at ease?
But I cast off anger and did what was right
So I could tell her 'see?'

It was because of my own loss
that I felt it was fair
To ignore the anger of a year ago
And prove that I was there.

I hope your soul will rest in peace
Perhaps it was your spirit
That gave mine the needed shove
But I want you to know
that yes indeed
She will be loved.


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Ohhh man!!! this month has sucked so bad!! sorry to hear about your friend that is awful!!!

Bookend said...

I hope you and everyone else affected is coping well...

Grieving is natural

here if you need an ear...