Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My Girl!!

Welp, I found Kelley tonight. Went out, played some pool, drank some beers with her. It was the first time Ive cried out of joy in a loong time, it might have been the first time Ive ever cried just because I was seeing or meeting someone. Incredible shit. Everyone should experience that at least once.

When we finally found time to stop hugging each other we got a couple pics. Ooops, well we were hugging in those too but Ill get those up asap!


****Picture of Kelley and I is in my Flickr Album!!! We were SOOO happy to meet each other.. can never forget that. Oh and Ill be back to spend more time with her VERY soon!!! (Oh and I looked horrible because the allergies had already smeared my make up off my face hours before, but I was happy so I didnt care!!)****


Gama said...

Give me a hug Joy :-)

Joy said...

/hugs!! Gama!!

Bookend said...

That is so AWESOME...I got chills from reading this and the PIC is just adorable...