Monday, March 21, 2005


Ok so I got back last week early after a slightly eventful take off into a storm that delayed our layover flights out of Atlanta. Got home, finally got my lost luggage back and got the PC from Bedford where there is currently no net connection and drug it to Roanoke to spend time with my DSL modem. So WB me and Im off to work up my vehicle story.

Yes I did find it.


Bookend said...

So glad you are home safe, and that you found your vehicle...

You will have to tell us what happened I am anxious to hear the story...

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Yeah welcome back!!!!!!!!!! I missed you as well!!! I want to hear some stories too!! Was it worth seeing the people of your blog world? I would imagine it would be neat to put words with faces!!! let me know!!!

Azathoth said...

Welcome back
your dreams were your ticket out
welcome back
to that same old place
that you laughed about

well the names have all changed
since you hung around
but the dreams still remain
and they've turned around

who'd have thought we'd need ya
back here where we need ya

ya we tease 'em alot
cause we got 'em on the spot
welcome back

welcome back
welcome back
welcome back

Gama said...

Welcome home Joy, we missed ya!