Thursday, July 14, 2005

Public Service Messages

Check out my flickr album for more of these if you need a good laugh.


Dan said...

hot damn thats a lot. Then i got to the last raid pic. Fond memories come back. Of the big online games i've played since EQ, i've never found such a close knit group of friends and people. Was i even on that last raid?

Joy said...

I thought you were at that last raid. I was pretty sure we were taking bets on how many Earthen Guardians would fall off the invisible bridge. You are right though Dan, Ive found the same thing. Now when I watch people play Everquest, or play a little Wow myself, its just not the same. It seems so.. cold. We really did have a special little something there. :)

Gama said...

Jelly tastes good on a bagel :-D

SexySista said...

What do we do with the KY-Jelly that warms as you rub it in?? Hope all is well Joy! Tag... You're It!


themadamefiles said...

Joy!! Hey girl! Sorry I have been hiding!! Missed you around here!!
I have been well, lots going on ;-)
you should check out my flickr. I am sure we could have lots to gossip about!!