Saturday, January 07, 2006

Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer!

Plain and simple. I want to know your 3 favorite beers on earth. I dont care if they are energy beers, regular old beers, hippy beers, beer flavored beer or what the hell ever. This is a simple poll that I plan on using for information in the book I am writing so be honest! If you secretly like the beast or old mil then just say so! I want your top three so here are mine!

Tilt - A stronger 6.6% version of sparks energy beer. The shit really kicks!
Coors Light - I mean if I am just waltzing into the store to grab a 12 pack, the silver bullet has always been my old faithful.
Moosehead - Ok I started drinking these way back when I was too young to drink. But that was the day I learned to appreciate a fine Canadian brew!


Kerry said...

samual adams - but of course darling! lol

bud light- when i am poor! lol

coronia-but only for when i hit the "big time" and can afford to drink it! ;)

UD said...

i like carona,budwiser and bud light.