Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My friend Jimmy!

I promised to post a few pix so here they go.

My friend Jimmy!! I was gonna put him on Ebay but I figured with so many hits per day someone here might want em. Hes gonna cost ya 50 bucks and shippin and handlin is on you!


Oddly enough I have no pix of Jimmy without his finger in his nose.

My friends Cathy, or Janet from my book. Bobby and myself hiding back there behind Bobby (blobby as I like to call em)


Here is how Eddie sleeps. Eddie the fearless American Pit Bull Terrier!


Here is my cousin Mickey. He is quite drunk at the time the photo was taken!


More later!!

Here is my son Mike. He agreed to let me put this picture of him and Eddie on my site!



Joy said...

Ok look sorry I am at my friends house and am pretty drunk. I really dont feel like going back and altering the site because the html didnt come through like it should. So here enjoy! I need another beer. Be back soon!

Dan said...

your son.... hes... emo

Azathoth said...

Heh. drunk blogging.

Joy said...

splain your definition of emo plz

Dan said...

to me, emo is the kind of person that doesn't like to smile, and has to be the person to stand out, be different because everyone else is the same... i'm basically explaining goth, or what I've come to be known as goth in my little neck of the woods

Joy said...

yep then I guess he is emo