Saturday, January 07, 2006

No Resolutions!

Im not really a resolution maker. I doubt I ever will be. But I have decided to grasp onto some new 'ideas' at the beginning of each year. There is no pressure this way. It's not that I can't handle pressure or stress, its almost as if I thrive on it. I've been really lucky in the brain and soul that I was born with, or learned or earned, but I just don't stress the things that I guess I should. More or less my brain and my heart war with each other internally about stuff. Sometimes its as if I can even cut that off, ignore the struggle and come back at a later date to find it resolved itself. I suppose that is why I have been referred to as 'unfeeling' or 'cold' by some people. I am never those things. Its just that I cant bring myself to lie to myself or to inflict my internal struggles onto other people. I really judge no one terminally. I've never felt that there isn't one single person I couldn't learn something from. I honor wisdom in others, and refuse to accept anyones ignorance and make it my own. I am firm in my beliefs and strong and solid in my opinions. Stupidity and bitterness disgust me. I'll never be the bitter old bitch who sits on her front porch and screeches at kids for 'walkin in my yard' or anything else so petty. I'll be more likely to be the 'crazy old lady' down the street who comes out and drinks a beer with the youngin's when they are partying in the streets like I do now. I will always love football and remain a dedicated Philly fan to the death of either myself or the game. I do not fear death though I don't neccesarily welcome it either. Life is a lot easier to enjoy if you dont go around thinking and worrying about which of your stupid, yet fun activities might kill you.

So three things I got ideas about doing this year and one I have already done at least once.

Wear my glasses more and give my eyeballs a break from the constant contact lense damage. A cut on your cornear hurts like a bitch and I dont want one of those in 2006.
Lose 20 damn pounds and keep it off. Seriously, I have gained 20 pounds since my last doctors visit and I am now at the unacceptable weight for my own personal taste and being able to eat is in danger soon.
Im taking a page from schaaps post about hitting up a park with a friend or two in the dark. Doing more things to keep my mind and soul as youthful as I am trying to keep my damn weight.

Then there is the book. I havent recieved the edited copy yet but I am very happily awaiting it!



Chad said...

Hate to say it dear, but what you listed ARE resolutions. Ok ok, we'll call them ideas, just because it's you. Atleast you have reso... ideas, I kind of forgot about that whole New Year tradition, so I'm sitting here thinking about what I could do. Maybe I'll just steal yours... they seem like good ideas!

No matter what you're going for, I'll always consider you that bitter bitch down the road. But at the same time I'll love you because you're also that crazy old lady everyone loves. You just know which role is appropriate for certain circumstances. ;)

jadedprimadonna said...

Hey Joy - this is Jadedprimadonna at a new site. Your resolutions are kinda similar to mine. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello - I'm trying to really get my blog going again. Have missed everyone in blogland...

Keshi said...

Thanks for stopping by my net home Joy :)

I dun make New Year resolutions either..but ur New Ideas thought intrigued me...I have few things I wish NOT to do this taking crap from ppl and being a slave to ppl...I always do that to some of my friends and relatives..but this year, I'm gonna stick up for myself and be a bit more free and open :)

**Doing more things to keep my mind and soul as youthful as I am trying to keep my damn weight.

Spot on girl, u will do just fine cos u have got the brains and the attittude...good luck!



michaelnicholas said...

"Life is a lot easier to enjoy if you dont go around thinking and worrying about which of your stupid, yet fun activities might kill you."

Is this somehow a reference to me? 'Cause it seems to fit pretty well. Marry me.

Three favorite beer types, well... obvious first choice is Molson Canadian. Always been my favorite. Second is likely Budweiser, only because its the first kind I drank heavily with, and it acts as training beer, for working your way up to better stuff. Finally, third would have to be Molson Kick, energy beer that kicks your ass so beautifully.

We need help on our calendar, Bran is leaving us soon :(

Dan said...

Dan's resolution you ask?

Find a girl thats in it for a meaningful relationship, or one that'd be a good fuck buddy... either way...

Jay said...

I am not a resolution maker myself, as much as I do not believe in making ONE on the beginning of every year.

Resolution in my opinion is something not for a short run but for lifetimes. That’s just me.