Monday, October 17, 2005

Cover Me - Dedication

When my publisher told me I could make a dedication I decided I would make a somewhat obscure one. It is hard to dedicate all that work to one person. It was a lot of people who inspired me to write those things down and send them to a company. So here it is, before the book is even printed, my personal dedication to the closest of my blogger friends who still keep up with me even when I disappear for a while. :)

When I was low, you lifted me up. When I felt like crying, you made me smile. When I wanted to be enraged, you showed me how much better peace felt. When I wanted to keep it all to myself, the endurance of our friendship showed me why I had to write it down. I hope one day you will understand how much your presence in my life has meant to me. I hope that day is today.


Chad said...

Man, when you wanted to be enraged, I didn't try and show you peace... that really wasn't a good idea. I just got angry with you and we made bad things happen.

I'm so glad your book is working out for you, Joy. Phone call inc imo!

Dan said...

Congrats ma'am, Very nice and sentimental dedication as well :)

Azathoth said...

A wonderful dedication from an incredible women. Keep us posted on the when and where of the book sweetie.

Rex Venom said...

Your words in print. You thoughts spreading to others. Will the world be the same?
Good stuff and good work!
Rock on!