Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cover Me Pre-Production

My book is now in the pre-production stage! Immediately following pre-production the publisher will send out what are basically flyers that advertise the book, its release date and all of my personal fantasies and fetishes. Ok, the last part isn't true but it sounded fun for a second. Íf you would like to receive this notice of production which should include where you can get the book and when, as well as a tad of personal information on me, then please email me your name and full mailing address and I will ad you to the marketing list.

Now for the real ball busting part. I have until November 8th to submit the final manuscript in full as well as take care of all the information that goes along with the book. Acknowledgements, synopsis etc. It's almost like being in college again, except this time I am getting paid and no one will be harrassing me 10 years from now about loans I can barely remember getting.


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Azathoth said...

Info sent and awaiting reply Joy! I can't wait!