Sunday, October 16, 2005

Eddie the Fearless Pit Bull Terrier

For my sons 16th birthday I wanted to get him something that would last a while. He is kind of at the age to be able to handle responsibilites that he couldnt before. So, I bought him a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier. I did NOT buy the dog because of the hype about vicious dogs, I actually bought it for the opposite reason, because in my opinion and experience, domestic animals are what you make of them. So maybe it is my fault entirely that I now have a pit bull puppy in my house that is

1. Scared to death to be alone for a split second.
2. Unable to sleep unless it is in a humans ass area.
3. Eats rocks, glass and chesnuts like they are candy.
4. Uses his paws like hands to cover his eyes when I begin acting insane and running around the house.
5. Is scared of cats.

I dont mean when he sees a cat he looks at it curiously and runs away. I mean he sees a cat and screams and cries until he is rescued by me or my son.

On top of that my son named him Eddie which I found stupid. That is until I realized that his canine friends in the neighborhood are named Frank and Sherman. WTF is with people giving animals people names. It just seems silly. What the hell is wrong with Hercules or Chronos!? Those are good strong names that people couldnt get away with using. The worst part is a good friend of mine is named Eddie. He is a short little flirty mexican guy I know that sounds pretty much like Ren.
Now every time I go outside to call for our dog, I'm always scared a perverted mexican guy is going to come running at me from around the corner.


Azathoth said...

Sorry, not a dog person so I'm limiting my response to this one.

However I am wondering, is you fear of little perverted mexican men something new or is a leftover fear of your childhood? (Kidding.)

Dan said...

I love dogs. Some I'm not a big fan of, pit bulls especially, because well... they're ugly. Not a cute ugly like a bull-dog because he can't help it, but an ugly like it ran into the wall on purpose kind of ugly.

I'd personally kill 7 midgets if I could own either a chocolate lab, or a golden retriever. Theres not much stopping me other than having no time to care for it, and the fact that I'm still living at home...

Chad said...

Sounds like a pretty... awesome dog. Throw it against the wall a couple times and say it ran into the wall cuz it was afraid of everything and wigged out. That way you're free to either A) get a new dog or B) get a fish. I'd pull for B.

Jess said...

Isn't life with a puppy great, though? When he's all grown, you'll miss it. My puppy hated my family for about two weeks - if you came into a room, she'd stroll out and pee on something in another room. Every time she did something stupid, like fall off the couch, she'd turn around and look at me as if I'd caused it.

But, now she loves us and we're inseperable.