Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Some would say your life was sad, but you lived it anyway

Why was Billy driving Steves car? All I ever learned about the accident that night was that they were leaving Franklin County Speedway or around that area of Virginia. I knew Steve. I know exactly how he was when we all went out and partied and then got in the car to go home. I know, I am 100% sure Steve was asleep long before they got to that piece of Interstate 581. He was normally asleep before I finished backing out of someones driveway. Something that was a running joke in between us, him passing out the second we got in the car, ended up leaving me with the most comfort. So he was sleeping. Billy wasnt though. Claudias brother. Right after the wreck it came to light all kinds of shit about how Billy was a habitual wreckless driver. It was all over the newspapers. George Peltons son had died in that accident too. The owner of First Team Hyundai's son. Another guy, in Peltons car had lived. Sugar Ray is what he was known by to his friends. He was in terrible condition but was alive at the moment. Wait, I think I know that guy.

So Billy was driving Steves car. And I knew above anything had I not gone to Genes, had I not left him there that night just because I had to get away from Claudia and her kids, he would be alive. No sense in telling me how I didnt cause his death. I know I didnt cause his death. But I didnt prevent it either. I should have stuck by my friend. He trusted me. Steve was a very amiable person most of the time. I can just hear Billy going "Lets just run somewhere real quick Ill drive and we will come right back". And I can hear Steve asking to see his license. I have no idea what Billy may have shown him but I wish I did. Because I knew he had shown him something for Steve to think it was ok for him to drive. My sister at the time was also the assistant to the Coroner in Roanoke. Well theres more information I didnt need to torture myself with. But of course I asked. The picture given to me was more then grim, it was horrific. Nothing I want to consider long enough to type.

Of all the people I felt for. I honestly do remember feeling a lot for Sugar Ray. Christ, if this was hard on me, to imagine. How was this possible to live with? I wished I knew more about Sugar Ray. I wished there was some way I could talk to him and apologize for his losses and pain, and let him know that at least one person on the other end of that Mustang that night didnt wish him harm. Steve wasnt careless with his life, I dont know how Billy changed the situation that night so easily but Id never seen Steve drive drunk, because I always drove. And I always seen Steve, making light of it of course, but checking me out, looking in my eyes, shining flashlights and shit in my face when he was asking me if I was ok to drive us all home.

But I had met Sugar Ray before. There was that one party.....

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