Tuesday, October 19, 2004

10 reasons why I might not be good partner material

1. I dont have to have someone around me all the time. I do enjoy perfect, and uninteruppted solitude.

2. Sometimes I laugh at entirely inappropriate moments. Not outloud usually, just that I do it is enough to make me wonder exactly how freakish I am.

3. Im the one in my group of friends whom people always urge to tell someone off, or to lay something out for someone who needs to be told. Its almost expected.

4. I will agree as of today, that redheads can truly be the most evil of females on earth.

5. I have learned to appreciate the last statement.

6. I have the thickest skin in the world. People around me sometimes look me in the eye when they push what are normal limits, just to see if they finally found the one thing thats going to make me react. Its never works.

7. I have the innate ability to totally shut out the outside world. I can be entertained for hours simply by my own mind, thoughts and vivid daydreams.

8. To complement the above ability, I also have the further ability to totally forget, lose or dispose of ugly or unwanted memories to include events, relationships and not limited to eliminating bad years of my life in their entirety.

9. I crave knowledge of everything, all things. I have to have a partner with a very high amount of intelligence and common sense, without those two things even a golden adonis hasnt got a chance to do more then have me stare at him a few moments, and then walk away, laughing inappropriately.

10. I often appear cold and unfeeling because I dont whine, cry, or break down into a feminine ball of needy substance no matter what turmoil I face. If I do, its always alone and no one the wiser, except for me.

11. None of the above 10 things has ever done anything to contribute to any relationship Ive ever been in. So is it me, or is it them who cant cope with that?


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Joy said...


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