Friday, October 15, 2004

Things to appreciate

1) I have good friends that care about me. They ask me whats wrong, if Im ok.
2) Being called Baby. "How are you doing today baby?" No matter what sex it comes from it just feels good.
3) GOT MY TEETH FIXED-N-CLEANED. Almost cried like an idiot. Dentist is great. No pain! She did the cleaning for free because I told her I was job hunting and it was hard to find a GOOD job with teeth like that. Cried from happiness all the way to Moms.
4) Weigh 145 lbs! First time in YEARS Ive weighed that little. Crash diets can be appealing. Walking a lot also knocks off all that extra ass Ive been carrying around with me. No more love handles!~
5) Having a couch to sleep on. Much better then the hard cold ground I believe.
6) Loving myself. Its getting a lot easier with all of the above going on.
7) Being loved. I am patient. I can wait. I can wait for years and years if I have to. If its worth it. How will I know when its worth it? When I find someone who goes...

Hey Baby, how are your friends doing? Wow, your teeth look great! Did you lose some weight? Dont sleep on that cold hard couch. I'll get you a nice warm bed to sleep in. I love you. I love what you are. I love how you talk, walk, smile and cry.

Thank god for patience. Or I would have been dead long ago.


Dan said...

I'm really glad things are looking up for you Joy. I'm hard pressed to think of someone that deserves to be proud of themselves

Joy said...

Im also appreciative of people who are my friend, even when Ive never met them. Always there for me. Watching out for me and comforting me. Thanks Dan