Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Thursday and Stupid Questions

I plan on celebrating National Kick to the Crotch day on Thursday. Thanks to Dan for inspiration. Please click the blog title to find out how to celebrate with me.


Dan said...

How i wish i could do that without repercussions.

Hey Dan, whats up? -KICK TO THE GROIN!-

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

I have a prosthetic crotch that likes to be referred to as O'Brien but I call it "Bucket" Once in while, while skinny dipping it whistles Flogging Molly songs. It likes to pretend it’s Irish. Sometimes I don't understand my prosthtic crotch.

Azathoth said...

Is this anything like national Boot to the Head day? Anyways, Happy Kick to the Crotch Day everyone! Now I need to go visit a few people to spread the news. Hehehe.