Monday, October 18, 2004

5 things Ill do this week to keep my Soul young

1) Wear my neices clothes (The goofy ones)

2) Watch Sealab and Family Guy fanatically (nuff said)

3) Eat total crap and call it a meal. Potato chips and Little Debbie cakes preferably. (Yay for losing weight, time to eat!)

4) Refuse to listen to the first person who tries to make sense out of something senseless. (Hopefully to be followed up by a long soap opera stare and a slow nod while backing away)

5) Scream Wooohoo every time I get in the truck to leave the house (Sounds stupid but when other people catch you doing it, and you are alone... well they give you that look.. that reminds you of the way everyone stared at you when you did some dumbass moron thing as a kid. That look makes me giggle. I definately need a few good giggles to get through this week)


Azathoth said...

Yay to Sealab and Family Guy! Also add Doritos with taco sauce to the junk food.
Age isn't the enemy, we all get old. It's maturity that scares me. Not being responsible, I've been very responsible for most of my life. But growing up I always noticed that whenever I did something fun (Like rolling down a hill or blowing bubble in my milk) people would call it 'immature". Therefor I've come to believe that being mature is when you forget how to have fun. You forget how cool a water gun can be, or sticking your tongue out at someone, or humming the Mission impossible theme music while sneaking around a department store. So while we made grow older, Here's hoping we never become mature! :)

Joy said...

Funny but I see it exactly the same way. I think you can be wise and even get old. But the day I look at toys and think "What would I want to waste time playing with those for?", thats when Ill give up and call myself mature.

How come people keep telling me to grow up? I dont really want to if it comes with big puffy hair, ugly clothes and the incessant need to sit idly by while the world wisk on by....