Monday, September 06, 2004

Honoring Thy 14 year old self

I published this to a friends blog and didnt even realize the importance in it and still glowing over what I considered a real compliment to my character. But its the truth so here it is, words to a friend that really do describe a good part of what I am today.

'Lol I cant believe its taken me this long to realize that I am one of the few who has stayed true to myself. Those things you say as kids lol....

Im never going to hold someones age against them. Prejudge their intelligence or anything they do because of their age.

Im never going to stop playing with toys and video games.

Im always going to love my friends. Past, present and future.

Im never going to wear ugly clothes.

Im never going to pretend to be something else to get something I think I want or need.

Im never going to be egotistical.

Im never going to forget how to laugh. The real laughter that feels really good. Not the fake motions you see some folks going through to appear happy.

Im never going to ignore people. I might have to tell them they are being a son of a bitch, but I wont ignore them. Im always going to try to remember to treat others how I want to be treated.

Yep, those are the words of a 14 year old girl... back in ... er... 87-88? Where you even born then? lol....god...'

<3 Gray eyed one



Dan said...

Thats me right?

Unless you know a lot of other gray-eyed people of course

Joy said...

Of course its you puddin'