Monday, January 24, 2005

Game Playing


What is so funny to me is that Im so old, so jaded and so smart.. that no one can even remotely pull a "game" on me. These games men play are only humorous to me. And only humorous because I have played them all, successfully. And when they play the games with me, I recognize them right off. Its all I can do not to laugh.

Some things that have inspired but not quite gotten a full hardy laughter from me this week alone.

"This chick told me to come over so she could show me her tits"
"I spoke to my ex gf last week and she told me...."
"Yeah Ill watch the game with you"

Then he didnt because...

"I got over there after Tammy left, I used to date her, I wanted to see her again"

So Lol@guys worldwide who do this shit to smart women who are silently laughing while feeling pathetically sorry for any man who thinks this type of conversation isnt "playing games"

I dont play games no more. I won them all. And when I won? I found myself alone.

Good Job morons!


Gama said...

Is it ok if I link you up?

Joy said...

Id be delighted and honored Gama :)

I am working on some icons for my fellow bloggers now to make some cool links for anyone who will let me link to them :)

Thanks for the linkage :D

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

I always hated dating just for that reason. I hate the games and I am an awful player. I am slow learner. As we get older it gets harder for us to date. I have a friend who is 35 and he always complains about the women his age. It pisses him off how it’s not a date but a job interview. Like he has to bring along his resume to get anywhere. Dating blows!!! Good luck to ya both!

Bookend said...

Good thing you've got a good smeller for some shit talk...I mean really do men have any brains??? Of course I'm talking about the game players...not all men are stupid, but a good majority of them are...

Azathoth said...

I don't play games, I have a tendency to be honest in my approach to people, this automatically makes them think I'm playing games because no one trust honesty. So then they try and play games with me until it occurs to them that I was being honest in the first place, which has caused several people to give me long appologies for the way they treated me cause they thought I was playing games. It's all kind of funny and underlines the reason why people like me tend not to reproduce.