Wednesday, January 19, 2005

This is Bullshit~!!!!!!!

I was checking the weather monitor I put on my blog when I started roofing. I noticed it said 24 degrees.... but it feels like 18.

Really? Who the fuck notices that?

Freezing Man: Damn, it sure is cold out here
Freezing Woman: The thermometer says 24 degrees
Freezing Man: No way, it cant be more then 20 degrees out here
Freezing Woman: It says 24
Freezing Man: Incomprehensible
Freezing Woman: eh?
Freezing Man: Im going back inside until it FEELS like its 24 degrees
Freezing Woman: me too

This weather is bullshit. No to snow!


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

It’s been snowing here off and on all day. I hear the big snow is coming Saturday through Monday???!!! I better freak out and go get bread, milk and eggs like everyone else. I think people forget we live in a modern world and it’s not 1912.

Man roofing has to hurt on days like today. I am so frail I would bungee with no cord the waiting ground below to stop my freezing ice pains. The blood will give me warmth until that freezes too. Then I am screwed and I can only pray for a quick death. Maybe a rouge ice cream truck will run of the road and mangle my frozen praying body.

Gama said...

Righ now the weather here is ok, but this weekend is going to go down I don't how many degrees, don't you hate that?