Friday, January 21, 2005

No love

In an interesting conversation with Cd tonight I learned a couple of new things.

1 thing is that, sex isnt everything. Well ok yes I knew this but I am a redblooded, redhaired oversexed american female. So even though I already knew this, it still came as a shock to hear it fall from yet another mans lips.

2nd. Cd told me "You wanna know what I think?"
Joy: Sure
Cd: I think you are falling in love
Joy: I wouldnt know

Too bad Im not one of those suicidal people. Id just go ahead and shoot myself in the face right now.

Falling in love? I dont think thats possible. Not for me. I love with as much passion as I hate with. Shouldnt I be the first to notice?

Just how do you know if you are "falling in love"?


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Love is a sticky, nasty, hot, steaming pile of addiction. That to me is what love is. You can’t stop thinking about the person. You want to make that person happy and proud of you every second of the day. Your heart beats with awkward palpitations that insures you, you must be dying. Sweaty pits and palms. Nervous twitches and ticks. Love is a sticky, nasty, hot, steaming pile of addiction. I love love. Good luck friend!! Get in there and hurt yourself (not with a gun but with your heart)

"Everybody wants some, I want some too!!!"
Better of Dead (what a great movie)

Gama said...

Love comes in different shapes.
Love brings the hate.
Why do people fall in love in the first place?
I don't know, it just happens, it has ups and downs,
one minute your happy and all of the sudden when you least expected you're sad.
I won't be able to understand it.

Angry Nice guy said...

Love happens to the best of us. It seems like no matter how hard we fight or hide it worms it's way into our hearts. We often don't realize it till it's too late. Good luck and break out the combat boots.

Azathoth said...

I am an old world romantic in a world where my kind doesn't reproduce much. Love is dangerous because it forces us to open up a delicate part of ourselves that can be hurt easily. It is in many ways a lose of control and that scares the hell out of most. So far to often we pass up the chance or hurt someone who cares because we're scared they'll hurt us.

As for signs, if you find yourself thinking about them more than you should when they're not around, or wondering what a future might hold when your together, or angrily denying the feeling whenever anyone else dares mention it, well any of these things could be signs. Or maybe not. That's another thing about love, we have a tendecy to question it right up until we lose it. The in hindsight we see how perfect it was and wonder how we'll live without it.

Good luck my friend. I hope this goes the way you want it to.

Oh, and while sex might not be everything, it's still a HELL of a lot of fun.