Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sight for sore eyes

I bet Ive said "Im sorry" more times this year and meant it then I have in my full 31 years on earth. Today started out as one of those sick and tired of being sick and tired days.

Then a wonderfully giving person gave me MANY pictures of my long lost angel. And I thanked her too many times while holding back tears from seeing his face so real again but in a picture cupped in my hands. As I jumped in my dads car the tears really flowed and kept on most of the way home.

Again, with the realization that no matter how down, or sad or mad or hurt I am at any given moment, nothing hurts like that did. Everything else is uphill in a sense.


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

I say sorry a lot because I am a sorry ass person.

Bookend said...

Ahh if pictures could talk...right???

Azathoth said...

I hope the pictures help you to remember him even better. It's doesn't get any easier, but sometimes the old smiles can still win through.