Sunday, January 02, 2005


Ok ok. So by now we have a good 10 ESPN football games under our belts. Cd is holding at 9 wins and me with my one that he probably let me have. I lost a bet earlier that I now have to refer to him as the king on, and all the trash talking I did came back and took a huge chunk out of my ass...... not that losing some ass would be a bad thing for me... but still..

Im a good gamer so I have to try harder. If anyones ever played ESPN football on Xbox or even just remembers some old football tips from Techmo Bowl I could sure as hell use a pointer or two I suppose. Cd IS teaching me how to play better here and there though.

Between his attempts to kill McNabb and my attempts to flatten the tires on the Bus. Its been pretty fun.

Ok so now the hard part.

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Azathoth said...

Techmo bowl rules! that game got me through collage.